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Conversational AI In Automotive

Watch a great conversation moderated by Celene Osiecka on the challenges of bringing voice in car with Shyamala Prayaga from Ford, Robert Bruchhardt from Mercedes, Michael Zagoresk from Soundhound, and Jeffrey Ferman from Amazon. Get access to curated content on voice in car to expand your knowledge on the topic.

ACXD Week 1 - Conversational AI Essentials

Get started on conversation design with this crash course. This course is part of the six-week fall session for the advanced conversational interface design course.

Conversational AI and Smart Home

Get a deep-dive into the multidimensional aspects of conversational AI in the home. Our speakers from Sonos, Facebook, Google, and SoundHound share with Voice Tech Global fundamental aspects of designing, manufacturing, and building smart home products.

AI/HI Blending: Conversation Design

Celene from 247.ai gives us a breakdown of the key takeaways of designing bots for customer services. Get to learn about the new concept of human and AI blending and some real-world feedback of its implementation.

Conversational AI in Wearables and On-The-Go

Get to learn more about wearables, hearables, and how to build for on-the-go products. Our speakers from Bose, Vocal ID, Google, and Amazon share insights about the design considerations and the best practices to create conversational products for on-the-go use cases.

Conversation Design Patterns for Chatbots

Vittorio from Botsociety shares with Voice Tech Global the best practices for Conversation Design. During this webinar, learn about great patterns and techniques to enhance your product's conversational experience.

Addressing Implicit Bias Towards the Black Community in Conversational Products

Conversational AI is a powerful interface that helps anyone interact with machine systems using something that we have learned from a young age, natural language. But as much as it's a strength, language is also a place of inequality. In this event, four black professionals and scholars discuss how natural language processing bias can prevent equal access to technology.