ACXD Week 3 – Ethics and Accessibility Considerations


The advanced conversational interface design (ACXD) course is an intense six-week program to acquire all the skillset to become a professional Conversation Designer.

Course information and syllabus

Week 3


  • Build empathy with diverse user groups and understand the importance of inclusive design.
  • Learn about inclusive personas and how to use them.
  • Explore design techniques, which help make our designs more inclusive and accessible.


3.1 Chatbots for children: Ethical considerations.

3.2 Recognizing exclusion: Finding for who the conversational experience is broken.

3.3 Define belonging: Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.

3.4 Inclusive Personas: Define and build an inclusive persona.

3.5 The power of participatory design and co-creation: Tactics and techniques.


Below a list of resources that were used to create the week 3 class.

Microsoft Inclusive Design Kit: This is the core of the Inclusive Persona Spectrum used in the course. This blog offers additional insights that went into the creation of this kit.

AI for children guidelines: This report by UNICEF outlines guidelines on how to design AI for children. Many are directly applicable to conversational AI.

HCI interaction for children: This Google study outlines challenges and key insights for designing conversational AI for children.

Review of the gender choices in UX: This article illustrates the paradox of listening to users. What should you do if all the users say they prefer a female voice?

Blog post from Slack about ethical bot questions: Breakdown of some of the key challenges for bot design.

Famous XKCD about AI design

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