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This foundational 10-week course offers 
immersive learning and practical experience 
for all aspiring Conversation Designers.

Key course outcomes

Key Course 

This course was designed for practitioners, who want to break into Conversation Design and accelerate their career. We focus on helping you get real-world experience, get workplace ready and develop a portfolio, which will land you a dream job as a Conversation Designer.

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FCxD Syllabus

This course contains the core body of knowledge, that a Conversation Designer needs to master in order to break into this space. Some key focus areas include:

  • Understanding the underlying technologies and their impact on design
  • Design Thinking as applied to Conversation Design
  • Usability testing and validation
  • Efficient team collaboration
  • Performance improvement, versioning, and working on a live evolving product
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Week 1

Understanding Conversational AI

1.1 What is conversational AI?
1.2 A History of conversational interfaces.
1.3 The conversation designers role.
1.4 Understanding how ML works (intent, utterance, entity).
1.5 First & third party applications (skill, action, chatbot, IVR).
1.6 Hardware ecosystem - embodiments.

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Week 2

CAI Product Development

2.1 End-to-end CAI product development.
2.2 Continuous validation and iteration.
2.3 The right fit for CAI?
2.4 Finding and framing opportunities.
2.5 Competitive analysis & benchmarking.

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Week 3

Concept Generation & Development

3.0 How to write great ideation prompts.
3.1 Concept generation.
3.2 Evaluating your ideas.
3.3 From napkin sketch to Shrek model, maturing your concept.
3.4 The conversation canvas.
3.5 Sample dialog writing & role-play.

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Week 4

Prototyping: Low Fidelity

4.1 Why we prototype.
4.2 What is design thinking?
4.3 Roleplaying and sample dialog writing.
4.4 Wizard of Oz prototyping.
4.5 Remote user testing.

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Week 5

Conversation Design Principles & Best Practices

5.1 Paul Grice and the co-operative principle.
5.2 Best practices for voice user interface design.
5.3 Best practices for chatbot design.
5.4 IVR and the future of telephony integration.
5.5 Multimodal, voice first design.

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Week 6

Personality Design

6.1 Personality and why it’s important.
6.2 The personality design canvas.
6.3 Expressing with language and tone.
6.4 Expressing visually.
6.5 Expressing with sound.
6.6 A styling framework.

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Week 7

Prototyping: High Fidelity

7.1 High fidelity prototyping.
7.2 Testing for usability and accessibility.
7.3 Onboarding to design tools.
7.4 Understanding context, memory, onboarding, and discoverability.

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Week 8

Deploy & Evolve

8.1 Engineering 101: versioning, language/localization, dynamic data, feasibility.
8.2 Delivering a CAI product requirements document.
8.3 Performance improvement (feedback loop) and maintenance.
8.4 Working with stakeholders.

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Week 9

Crafting your career trajectory

9.1 Portfolio.
9.2 Volunteer roles, hackathon, civic technology efforts.
9.3 Jobs market, roles.
9.4 Take ACxD course, Mentorship programs.
9.5 CxD Interview.

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Week 10

Capstone Project Presentations

10.1 All students present their concept and get mentor review and peer feedback.
10.2 Closeout celebration and certificates awards ceremony.

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Format: Online cohort course
Duration: 10 weeks
Time: 10-12 hours/week

Price: 2499 CAD

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